For those just starting in SEO, there is never enough information on beginner tools. Many of these tools are extremely expensive, but they are crucial to practicing SEO and understanding how the industry works. As a beginner, you do not need to purchase a costly tool right away. As soon as you know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for, you can move on to something more advanced or hire an SEO expert. There are plenty of SEO tools out there that will get the job done. Here are some of the best options for beginners:

Scream Frog

Scream Frog works much the same way as Google’s crawlers: it allows you to crawl any website. However, this SEO spider tool goes one step further by providing you with relevant on-site data and creating digestible reports. By using Scream Frog’s site data, you can quickly identify which parts of your website need improvement.

Using Scream Frog, you can perform the following tasks to improve your SEO efforts:

  • Searching for broken links
  • Permanent and temporary redirect searches
  • Searching for duplicate content¬†
  • Metadata analysis
  • Review the robots.txt and other directives
  • Creating XML sitemaps
  • Site architecture analysis


You need an SEO plugin if you want your WordPress site to rank well in search engine results. And as far as SEO plugins go, Yoast SEO is by far one of the most popular ones. It goes without saying that WordPress SEO is a complex topic. Because of that, Yoast SEO has built-in several complex features that will allow you to control every part of your website’s SEO.

So, even though Yoast has done an excellent job trying to make SEO beginner-friendly, there’s a good chance you’ll need some help from an SEO expert with how to use it.


The Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress helps your website get a good SEO ranking and is designed to help the website reach this standard. Rank Math enables you to identify what is wrong with a particular keyword you are trying to rank for on your website. Rank Math mainly focuses on On-Page SEO. In fact, most on-page SEO techniques can be handled by this tool. When you create content for your web page or blog, you have the option of inserting your targeted keyword into it. Rank Math will check your content after keyword insertion and point out what needs to be improved.

Google Search Console

A free service offered by Google, Search Console allows you to learn a great deal about your website and visitors. You can use it to determine how many people visit your site and how they found it, whether they are using a desktop computer or mobile device, and which pages on your site are most popular. You can also use it to identify and fix website design errors, submit a sitemap, and create and check the robots.txt file.

SE Ranking

All the SEO tools you need to complete successful online marketing projects are included in SERanking’s SEO software. It is ideal for small business owners, beginners, SEO professionals, and agencies. The software provides a complete set of tools for keyword position tracking and keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, keyword suggestion and grouping, automated professional reporting, backlink monitoring, and many more. The system offers a variety of features beyond standard SEO tools such as social media management, white-label, and marketing plans aimed at bringing your professional digital services to a whole new level.


You can track and manage your phone leads with CallRail. It helps businesses identify which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads. Companies can use this lead tracking tool to increase revenue and sales by using its different features. Among them are:

  • Tracking and analyzing calls
  • Inserting dynamic numbers
  • Keyword spotting technology
  • Offline call and online form tracking
  • Recording phone calls
  • Scoring leads

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your website or app and analyze it to better understand what is going on. By using Google Analytics, you can access a wide range of data and reports about the traffic on your website and the behavior of your website visitors. The platform is available to everyone who has a Google account for free, and there is also a paid version with more features. It tracks and records a wide range of data about your website and visitors. The data includes:

  • How do users find your website?
  • How do users interact with your website content?
  • What does your website’s target audience look like?
  • What is the conversion rate of your website?

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that optimizes the user experience by speeding up your website’s load time. The plugin enhances the hosting server’s performance by using caches and CDN integration, resulting in a more seamless experience for your site visitors. Hiring SEO services to help you with the W3 Total Cache plugin might be a good idea since it could interfere with your WordPress theme or other plugins when it’s not configured correctly.


Smartlook provides website analytics that helps with conversion rate optimization and lets you understand the “whys” behind your visitors’ actions. With Smartlook, businesses can easily identify how visitors interact with their websites. It lets you:¬†

  • Watch recordings of every user, and see exactly what they see, down to the exact resolution.
  • Use automatically tracked events generated within the website, such as tapping a button or typing a text.
  • Create conversion funnels and figure out where most users leave the site (and see what they did before leaving).
  • Create heatmaps to highlight popular elements based on visitors’ clicks, scrolls, and moves.

How to Choose the Right SEO Tool

Selecting the right SEO tool is not as simple as you may think. There are several things to consider. The most important thing is to think about your business goals.

Do you want to expand into new markets? Are you looking to build strong customer relationships? Do you want to establish your company as the leader in your industry?

These are the questions our Miami SEO Company always asks before getting on with a client. Answering these questions will help us develop the best SEO strategy for you and your business. So if you’re looking for SEO services and want to grow your business, contact us today for a free quote!

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